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Refined Colors
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TAKAYUKI FUJIMOTO : Director & Lighting

1987 - present member of artist group Dumb Type

Lighting design/operation and
technical management for the theatre art performances.

selected works :
"S/N" (Dumb Type performance) : World tour 1994-1996
"OR" (Dumb Type performance) : World tour 1997-1999
"memorandum" (Dumb Type performance) : World tour 1999 - 2003
"formula" (Ryoji Ikeda concert) : World tour 2000 - continue
"Voyage" (Dumb Type performance) : World tour 2002 - continue
"Night Colors" (Takao Kawaguchi dance performance) : Tokyo/Japan 2003
"Refined Colors" (Dance performance with LED lighting) : World tour 2004 - continue
"Little Prince Hamlet" (Dance performance, commissioned by
Hong Kong Arts Festival) : Hong Kong 2005
"path" (Installation with concert, commissioned by
Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media) : Yamaguchi/Japan 2005
"Drought and Rain Vol.2" (Company Ea Sola dance performance) :
World tour 2005 - continue

KOSEI SAKAMOTO : Choreographer, Dance Director & Dancer

1990-present director of Monochrome Circus,
presented his works in 15countries in 20cities.

selected works :
1996-2005 "Shukakusai" : World tour
2000 "Uta-Kata" France, Germany, Lithuania, USA , Japan
2001 "Skin/Ephemera" France, Germany, Japan
2003 "Dai Shukakusai" Kyoto Art Center : directed major collaboration
with 11 visiting artists from Korea, Thailand and USA
2004- "Refined Colors" World Tour
2005 "Little Prince Hamlet" performance
(Commissioned by Hong Kong Arts Festival) : Hong Kong
2006 "Mizu no Ie (Water House)" atelier GEKKEN, Kyoto, Japan
"Kaibutsu (Monster)" OBP Hall, Osaka, Japan
"Last Smileh atelier GEKKEN, Kyoto, Japan
"Kizahashih Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto,Japan/ Loxodanta, Osaka, Japan

YUKO MORI : Choreographer

One of the main dancer, choreographer, YUKO MORI has grew her career with MATOMA France - Japon ('93-98) with dancing on many international stages, e.g. Avignon Festival, Montpelier Festival. On the other hand, she has participated in almost of all the works of MONOCHROME CIRCUS. Simple and innocent energy from her small body create a unique atmosphere that makes an audience warm and comfortable. She is also one of the famous teacher for contact improvisation in Japan.
Also, she has been contributed to introduce many French choreographers to dance community in Kyoto. Organiser for International Contemporary Dance Workshop Festival in Kyoto, which is one of the biggest workshop festival in Japan.

selected works :
1998- "Natsu-no-niwa" Paris, Kyoto, Osaka
2000 "Uta-Kata" France, Germany, Lithuania, USA , Japan
2003 "FLOAT" Park Tower Hall, Tokyo
"Creative Circuit Dai Shukakusai" Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan
2004 "Les locataires" (choreographed by Dider THERON)
atelier GEKKEN, Kyoto, Japan
2005 "Mizunoie/Water House" Loxodonta, Osaka, Japan
Seian University of Art and Design, Shiga, Japan
2006 "Mizunoie/Water House", "Last Smile" atelier GEKKEN, Kyoto, Japan
"Kizahashi" Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto,Japan/ Loxodanta, Osaka, Japan

1996- Organizing "International Dance Workshop Festival in Kyoto"

HIROKAZU MORIKAWA : Choreographer & Dancer

1997-2000 Magenia, school for pantomine / Paris
1999-2000 Ecole Nationale du Cirque Annie Fratellini, school for circus / Paris
2001-2002 Coaching Project CP1, produced by Kyoto Art Center
2002 Join to the activity of Monochrome Circus
produced by Kosei Sakamoto

Experience of Performances:
2003 "Float" (with Monochrome circus) Park Tower Hall, Tokyo
2004- "Refined Colors" (directed by Takayuki Fujimoto, Dumb Type)
World Tour
2005 "Voyage" (with Dumb Type)
Bergen Intrernational Festival, Grieghallen, Norway,
Muffathalle, MuNnich, Germany
Altstadtherbst kulturfestival duNsseldorf , DuNsseldorf, Germany
REDCAT, Los Angels, USA
2005 "Les locataires" (choreographed by Didier Theron)
Morishita Studio, Tokyo, Japan
Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan
2005 "Patchworks2" (with MizutoAbura) Kyoto Art Cener, Kyoto
2005 "Mizu no Ie (Water House)" (with Monochrome circus)
Loxodonta, Osaka, Japan
Seian University of Art and Design, Shiga, Japan
2006 "Two Chairs in the Room" (choreographed by Hirokazu Morikawa)
Loxodonta, Osaka, Japan
Okinawa National Theatre, Okinawa, Japan
Art Theatre dB, Osaka, Japan
"Seikan Renrakusen: Hakkoudamaru" Aomori, Japan

YUKA SAEKI : Choreographer & Dancer

Baced classic ballet learn from childhood.
Start contemporary dance after graduate university.
Try to many dance technic including contact improvisation.
2001- present member of Monochrome Circus

selected works :
2003 "Float" Park Tower Hall, Tokyo, Japan
"Dai Shukakusai in Seoul" (Seoul Fringe Festival)
Theatre ZERO, Seoul, Korea
"Botan Doro" Art Complex 1928, Kyoto, Japan
2004 "INTERLACE" (choreographed by Fattoumi Lamroux)
Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan
"Les locataires" (choreographed by Dider THERON)
atelier GEKKEN, Kyoto, Japan
"promenade" Kyoto Tachibana University, Kyoto, Japan
2005 "Dai Shukakusai in Sendai" Beeb Basement Theater, Sendai, Japan
"Les locataires" (choreographed by Didier THERON)
Morishita Studio, Tokyo, Japan
"ORANDA(SAKA)" atelier GEKKEN, Kyoto, Japan
"RANKA" shin-bi, Kyoto, Japan
2006 "Mizu no Ie (Water House)" atelier GEKKEN, Kyoto, Japan
"Kaibutsu (Monster)" OBP Hall, Osaka, Japan
"EARTHDAY" metro, Kyoto, Japan
"OFURO" (Park in progress) Maely-le-Roi, France
"Konyoku" shin-bi, Kyoto, Japan
Untitled (sync-) room market, Kyoto, Japan

TAKUYA MINAMI : Sound & Visual design

1999-present director of "Softpad"

selected works :
1999-2000 Audio Visual Live "How They Get the Way They Are"
Kyoto, Seoul, Belfort, Paris, Osaka
2000 Audio Visual Live "in the house"
"interactive media art 2000@wakayama",
Wakayama citizens hall, Wakayama, Japan
2001 Installation "in the house" Biennial de Valencia
"Body and Sin", Valencia, Spain
Installation "Recording" "Le Tribu dellfArte", Galleria Comunale d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Roma, Italy
DJ style Live, Istanbul Biennial "egofugal" opening event,
Istanbul, Turkey
Installation "in the house" Voice Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
2002 Installation "information" Voice Gallery, Kyoto, Japan
Installation "Eau Rouge"
"SON/IMAGE" Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan
Installation "information" / ISEA, Nagoya, Japan
2003 Installation "Sfera Sound Scape" / SferaExhibition, Kyoto, Japan
Graphic+Sound Design "Mark Rosko Interactive2"
Hirakata City Gallery, Osaka, Japan
2004 Installation "PlayTime" Kyoto Art Center, Kyoto, Japan
2004.2005 DJ style Live, "Namura Art Meeting",
Creative Center Osaka, Osaka, Japan
2006 Exhibition "Sensibilia" The Museum of Modern Art, Shiga, Japan
Audio Visual Live "BCN" Sonar 2006, Barcelona, Spain
Audio Visual Live "geogram" Sonarsound Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Installation "geogram" Media City Seoul 2006 "Dual Realities",
Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2007 Audio Visual Live "geogram" EXIT Festival,
Maison des Arts de CreLteil, CreLteil, France
Audio Visual Live "geogram" VIA Festival, Le Manege,
Maubeuge, France

DAITO MANABE : Sound & Programming

Born in 1976 in Tokyo
Graduate of Tokyo Science University, mathematics department
Graduate of IAMAS academy, DSP department

Besides the creation of works which are about peculiarities and similarities between a sense of touch and hearing, and which use vibrations and super low frequencies, he is also known as a experimental turntablist. Being enrolled in IAMAS, he implanted some special signs in a record to develop the system to control Open GL. He recently often collaborates with Satoshi Horii to perform scratching sounds and images with Ms.Pinky.

He joined DGN in the spring of 2004 to cover system engineering and artistic parts.

Live performance:
2004 Ars Electronica 2004, Linz
2005 "Laptop Orchestra" Overtoom301, Amsterdam
"Ku-ki" Aoyama Spiral Hall, Tokyo
Yokohama Triennale,Nakaniwa, Yokohama
"Lib-LIVE" ICC, Tokyo

2004 Ars Electronica 2004, Linz
2005 "Shoboshobo bus tour" Superdelux
"Spontaneous Core: Beyond the Performing Arts" Unit, Tokyo
2006 "Impluse" Beijing

Visual works:
2004 "Sonar Tokyo" Ebisu garden hall, Tokyo
2005 "Metamorphose" Cycle sports center, Shizuoka
2006 "Fatal plumage" GMEM, Marseille
"Metamorphose" Cycle sports center, Shizuoka

Exhibition :
2004 "Riot please aha++" ICC , Tokyo
2005 "Engage" Aoyama Spiral, Tokyo
2006 "RFID VJ" Skipcity, Kawaguchi
"RFID LED Sequencer" ICC, Tokyo

Programming support :
2005 "Path" Ycam, Yamaguchi
"And beyond" Axis gallery, Tokyo
2006 "Tablemind" Uplink Factory, Tokyo

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